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mat tongkang

2018-10-13 03:06:35 | Profile
Like the song and video

Jessica Montoya

2018-09-27 18:44:07 | Profile
sometimes we men say shit to a girl wile were drunk and they think no it was whiskey talk but we country boys dont say shit drunk or not we dont mean thats how we are

Catch Up

2018-09-26 08:09:56 | Profile
The coolest and sexiest man ever

Sherlandel Payne

2018-09-20 16:31:08 | Profile
I love him so much i die every time I liaisin. to him

Tyler Proulx

2018-09-13 16:56:05 | Profile
U should come to waycross Georgia one day

Daniele Allegra

2018-09-07 19:46:54 | Profile
The last good country artist

zezinho candido

2018-09-07 18:56:56 | Profile
who is the actor playing the guy who has the number on his arm? Does anyone know?

linkoln sbark

2018-09-05 10:01:52 | Profile
Somebody give this guy a guitar strap with shot gun shells on it. Long live the 2nd ammendment !!!

Ayrelia [RHG IV]

2018-09-01 10:26:01 | Profile
Fraud provider lay studio given dilemma swallow middle bike